What's NEW on the Hendricks Chapel Choir Alumni website?

2/18/18 - Well... I never promised to keep this website up to date, did I?  I managed to miss posting an entire successful reunion in 2015.  Ah, well.  In many ways, social media has long since supplanted the usefulness of this website, but it continues to host the music, and that's the most important thing of all!  If you are an HCC alum and a Facebook member, please look for us there - Our group can be found HERE.   

10/7/13 - Our thrill-of-a-lifetime reunion weekend was a smashing success!  Many thanks to Bill and Melissa Sieling for hosting our Saturday night party/rehearsal, to HCC Director Dr. Peppie Calvar for joining us and helping us to rehearse on Saturday, then welcoming us to join the choir in the service on Sunday!  And thanks to all who made the long trip back to campus.  I love all your smiling faces!  Coming soon - Photos from the vintage choir tour albums of Debbie Breese and Marianne Lord!

8/7/13 -  Exciting news!  Thanks to a suggestion started by Diana Moro, a group of Hendricks Chapel Choir alums who sang more or less from 1976 to 1984 will be gathering at the Chapel on Sunday, October 5th to sing on the Chapel steps.  All are welcome, and we really hope you'll come.  For more information, email John Matthews at jematthews2@gmail.com

3/13/13 - It's been a while - a LONG while - since I made any changes to the site. Since I have virtually all of the music performed by the choir from 1976 - 1985, there's little to be added in that regard.  I HAVE heard from or made new contact with several HCC alums, including Tina Giangobbe, Marianne Lord, Kirsten Hottenstein and Scott Jones.  And, with the help of Facebook and other forms of social media, several of you have reached out and met up with each other!  After glancing at the page views for the site, it's clear many of you, as well as people from around the globe are still enjoying our music, and I must confess it's still a little thrilling to know this site is still touching old classmates.  It's a real treat every few months to get an email from an old friend who has stumbled on the site and found this treasure trove of memories.  I hope you all will continue to enjoy it for years to come! 

9/16/10 -  When it rains, it pours!  First off, courtesy of Barb Seith, we have the heretofore "missing" Spring, 1978 concert on our music page.  Barb has also provided us with the Last Resort's greatest hits, and I've created a brand new page for it!  For those of you "younger" HCC alums, the Last Resort was a fab quartet that sang Andrews Sisters-style songs from 1976-1980.  And finally, back on the music page, I have fixed up the Spring,1983 concert, which, until Don Petruncola finally found the program, had been filled with unnamed songs!  Thanks to Barbara and Don!    If anyone has pictures, stories or music to share, we will be happy to add it all to the site!

9/5/10 - I forgot to mention... Frank Whalen (HCC '81 - 84) visited the Varsity today, and reported back that he had bought a pitcher of Samuel Adams beer to go with his order of wings.  Sam Adams??? WAY too highbrow for the V!  Gimme a pitcher of PBR, Spud!

9/5/10 - No sooner had I posted the newest material to the site, then Barbara Seith sent along more stuff.  You can find out what she's been up to the last 30 years on the people page, and see some "new" photos she sent along on the pictures page!  If you have any pictures or other material to share, please send it all to me here Oh, and thanks to choir music fans around the world, we're still averaging around a thousand unique visitors a month, even without much updating! 

9/4/10 - I hope and trust everyone had a wonderful summer!  It's been a lot of fun continuing to "see" many HCC friends on Facebook on a regular basis - If you have not taken the opportunity to do so, sign up and have your own reunion!  The website has been updated with some "people" updates, as well as Win Stephens' harrowing encounter with a tornado that nearly blew his house over the rainbow.  You can see and read all about it in Win's Attic and in the Guestbook!

4/8/10 - WOW - Where does the time go?  As you can see, it's been nearly a year since I've updated the site, but a very nice email from Lonnie Finnie prompted me to get on here to make a small correction to her bio, and then a flurry of minor fixes followed, mostly on the people page.  If you check out the Guestbook, you will see that several people have stopped by over the course of the past several months... Please feel free to leave a note and say hello yourself!  Also - another reminder that if you really want to find one of your fellow HCC alums, join Facebook.  There are at least a couple of dozen of us on there!   

5/26/09 - Happy Memorial Day - and Happy first birthday to this website!  I have not updated the site in a while, but you all will be happy to know that the sweet music we made 30 years ago is happily being shared around the globe...  This website is still averaging nearly a thousand visits a month!  I have enjoyed visiting with many of you on Facebook, and encourage any HCC alum who wishes to find a long lost friend to stop there and see if he/she is around!  I have heard from several HCC alums who have stumbled onto us, including Pam Zubow ('75 - '77) and Ellen Mandel-Steiner ('83 - 85).  The more the merrier! 

2/11/09 -  Welcome back!  Things here on the HCC site are status quo for now, but I'm always interested in adding more stuff as it becomes available.  In the meantime, did you know you can find several HCC alums over on Facebook?  It's a great place to hop over and catch up one-on-one!  Happy hunting!

1/13/09 - Happy New Year!  The HCC alumni site has not been updated since Thanksgiving because your webmaster has been busy working at freelance news jobs - which is a good thing!  Of course, now that the holidays are over, it's back to the beach... but let's focus on our updates!  We have heard from Peter House and Kathy Wachter - Catch up with them on our People and "Then and Now" pages, as well as in the Guestbook.  Also - I put together a holiday video, which most of you received via email... For those who didn't, check it out here

11/22/08 - Happy Thanksgiving!  There are a few new entries in the guestbook.  Check 'em out! 

11/13/08 - I guess this site really has had an impact on some of you!  I've heard from a few of you who say this site has inspired you to consider looking for a choir to join... Well, Frank Whalen has actually gone and done it!  Check out his note in the guestbook

11/4/08 -  Happy Election day!  Barbara Bradley has sent a few more pictures from the 1980 tour along for the pictures page, as well as a special photo of the world's favorite amphibian for the "Fun Stuff" page! 

11/3/08 - We have heard from Margaret Woynicz, who sang for Will Headlee in the mid-80's!  You can see what she's been up to on the people page!  Also - new evidence that the HCC was a cult... Now found in Win's Attic!

11/2/08 -  There is a message for all from Win Stephens in the guestbook!   In addition, you will find a new Win Stephens version of the Widor Toccata, as well as another organ piece, "Fanfare", by John Cook, on the music page. 

11/1/08 - There is a new and improved cleaner-sounding version of the 1981 Christmas Concert now available on the music page.  And a couple of dozen new pics in the photo gallery in Win's Attic!

10/30/08 - I received a lovely e-mail from Barbara Bradley, who also sent along a few photos.  You can catch up with Barb on the people page, and see her pics in the photo gallery on the pictures page!  You'll also find several new entries in the guestbook.  Please feel free to add your own! 

10/29/08 - Guess what?  Win and Shery found more stuff.  It's on its way.  Check back frequently!

10/28/08 - Welcome to the biggest update on the HCC Alumni site in months!  Shery Stephens packed up about 20 pounds of cassette tapes, photo albums, letters and clippings and sent them to me.  You will note we have a new page, Win's Attic, which showcases most of the material the Stephens so graciously sent.  You will also notice several updates on the music page, including cleaner versions of the 1981 Spring music, and for the first time, the 1980 Christmas concert.  There are also several bonus cuts - Songs that had for whatever reason had not been available on previous tapes.   

10/8/08 -  I have heard from another Headlee-era choir member.  You can catch up with Greg Smith on our people page!  In addition - potentially exciting news!  I heard from Shery Stephens today, and she is promising to send along a care package bursting with HCC stuff, along with several cassettes of music!  Looks like I'll be scanning pictures and editing music for awhile, so check back frequently! 

10/4/08 -  We have heard from Nanette Cumley, who was the choir's accompanist in 1980, and whose sister, Sheryl, was a longtime HCC member.  Catch up with Nanette on the People page! 

9/20/08 -  Jeffrey Slon has sent along a picture of his more or less current self. Check him out on our Then & Now page!   

9/19/08 - Guess what?  Jeff Slon played the ever-popular bored-in-the-office game of "Google Yourself" and he found this website!  You can catch up with Jeff, his HCC memories and his current life in the Guestbook

9/8/08 -  Donna Maurer has graciously sent me a current photo for our Then & Now page!  In addition, a brief personal update... I am still looking for my next great career opportunity.  I spent the month of August writing and anchoring news at WBAL Radio in Baltimore, and am now freelancing for ABC News in Washington, in addition to other projects.  The only thing, however, keeping me from adding content to this site is YOU!  Keep those pictures and songs coming.  I'm still waiting to hear from at least two people who have promised content, so let's get cranking!  Thanks!

8/12/08 -  It was great to hear from Eric Lindstrom, who sent along a current picture!  Check it out at the Then & Now page! 

8/2/08 -   Keith Gatling shares a funny anecdote in the guestbook, and for the first time, I've heard from an HCC alum who joined the choir after I left!  Patty Kelly has sent along the spring tour awards from both 1984 and 1985... You can find them on our Fun Stuff page!  

7/18/08 -  I heard from Diana Moro, who had a reunion with Andrea Birbilis.  You can read all about it in the guestbook, and see a picture of them together on the Then & Now page!

7/8/08 -  Check out the Fun Stuff page for a couple of advertisements that will surely take you down memory lane! 

7/6/08 -  Hope you all had a great 4th of July!  Frank Whalen has sent us some pictures for the Then and Now page, and he has also set up a page of pictures from the 1984 HCC Gulf Coast tour - You can see them by clicking here

7/1/08 -  There are a couple of new entries in the guestbook... Check 'em out... And check in! 

6/28/08 - Thank you, Donna Schannel!!!  Donna dug up the program for the Spring, 1979 concert (which she designed, by the way), and provided me with the names for more than half of the songs.  You can now find the complete concert on the music page!  

6/27/08 -  Several new additions to the site, including a new "DUELING Widor Toccatas" feature at the top of the music page!  Note how much faster Win played it than Will did!  Also - selections from the Spring, 1981 concert have been added to the music page...  And, as promised, some of the Spring 1981 album cuts have been replaced with higher quality versions, courtesy of Darren Finnie.  I have also heard from Will Headlee, and I hope to have an update from him for the website soon! 

6/25/08 - A Mr. D. Finnie of New York, New York has written to advise me that the Spring 1981 concert is on its way to my door, so look for it this weekend! This will be the same music heard on the '81 album, in addition to several more tracks.   It also means you'll be able to hear Thompson's Alleluia without skips! 

6/23/08 -  The Spring, 1982 concert - Winston's last as Director of the HCC, is now posted on the music page

6/22/08 -  For the first time since I started this website, an HCC alum has found us instead of me finding him!  Allan Hill has checked in, and you can read all about him on the people page!  Also - I am editing the Spring, 1982 concert right now, and you will find it very soon on the music page! 

6/18/08 -  Thanks to Keith Gatling, the Spring 1977 concert is now available on the music page, and I'm expecting to receive the Spring 1981 concert (right, Darren???) and the Spring, 1982 concert (yes, Melissa??) shortly... ALSO - Some people have promised me current photos for the "Then and Now" page...   Contact me if you need my snail mail address!  Thanks! 

6/12/08 - Just a quick update to let you know what's going on with our website!  We have been picked up by an international site called "Hear The Choirs Sing".  It's a much larger aggregate list of choirs from around the world, all with various music clips, listed in order of number of clips per site.  As a result, we've been getting visits from places like Brazil, Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, France and Italy, as well as Onandaga County!   The Hendricks Chapel Choir Alumni site is already in the top 10, and climbing, thanks to your support!   Speaking of music, Keith Gatling has just dropped the Spring,1977 concert in the mail to me, so we should have that available soon!  A reminder that we are still looking for the concerts listed above!    

6/10/08 - The Spring 1979 concert is now available on the music page. You will note that many song titles are missing.  If you can fill me in on any titles, please let me know!   ALSO -  You can hear the choir sing "Happy Birthday" HCC-style on the Fun Stuff page!

6/8/08 - Now showing on the Fun Stuff page - a look at the HCC Men's Quartet, circa 1976, courtesy of Tracy Kaplan Leenman (HCC 1975-1977)  Thanks, Tracy!

6/7/08 -  A very cool new addition to the 1979 Christmas concert files on our music page!  It turns out that concert was broadcast on WSYR Radio, with Win Stephens introducing several of the pieces.  I have added his introductions, as well as the program's ending.  Thanks to Stefan A.D. Bucek for that!   Stefan has also provided us with the 1978 Christmas concert, which is also now available on the music page!   

6/6/08 - Sheryl Cumley joins our people page, and Stefan A.D. Bucek can be seen in our Then and Now section.  Speaking of Stefan, he has dropped three cassettes in the mail to me, and Keith Gatling has one more on the way as well, so look for more music in the near future!  As for the PRESENT, you'll now find the Spring 1984 concert available on our music page!  And I've added one more odd little thing to the Fun Stuff page! 

6/5/08 - Mary Near now graces our "Then and Now" page... Where's YOUR picture?  Send it to ME

6/4/08 - A couple of fun things have been posted to the Fun Stuff page!  

6/3/08 - Congrats to Frank Whalen - He was the first to figure out the name of one of the unknown Spring 1983 concert songs - Jesu, Meine Freude  - Motet No. 3 in E Minor by J.S. Bach!  Whoever provides the most names will win a six-pack of Genesee Cream Ale!  Since I'm probably 300 miles from the nearest six-pack, I'll mail you a dollar instead!   ALSO - I blogged about this website again - read it here!   AND - I received the nicest email ever from Andrea Birbilis - You should read it and respond to it in the guestbook!  Meanwhile, Andrea's e-mail and penchant for parody lyrics have prompted me to pull one more piece out of my choir folder.  You can find it on the Fun Stuff page!   And FINALLY - the Spring 1985 Concert tour is posted on the music page

6/2/08 -  We have new picture updates on the "Then and Now" page, AND the 1983 Spring Concert Tour is now available on the music page

6/1/08 - The Christmas 1981 concert is now up and ready on the music page for your perusal! 

5/31/08 - Guess what arrived in the mail today?  The Mother Lode!  SEVEN cassette tapes from Don and Mary (Helgans) Petruncola, with concerts ranging from 1981 to 1985.  This is both a blessing and a challenge.  A blessing because all of you early Will Headlee choir members will now have access to your concerts... The challenging part, aside from taking the time to record and upload all of it, is that I do not have any programs to tell me which song is WHAT.  If you sang under Will between Fall 1982 and Spring 1985, and have your old HCC concert programs, PLEASE contact me - Otherwise, the newest feature on the HCC alumni site is going to be Name That Tune! 

5/30/08 -  Our new "Then and Now" page is up and running  -  an opportunity for everyone to see what time and gravity has done to their fellow choir members!  Please find a current photo and email it to me!  This would be an excellent opportunity to show off your family in a group shot, but please - one photo (solo or family) per choir member... Thanks! 

5/28/08 - The 1976 Christmas Concert is now posted on the music page... Meanwhile, Melissa and Bill Sieling have joined us - You can read about their long life together on the people page, and in longer form in the guestbook!   Since Melissa sent along a current photo, I have also added a fun "then and now" feature on the Fun Stuff page!  And Darren and Lonnie Finnie have come in from the cold - you can find out all about them on the people page as well!

5/27/08 - Stefan A.D. Bucek is in the house!  You can read about his exploits on the people page, and read even more about him in the guestbook, along with several other postings!  ALSO - Donna Schannel has sent us photos from the 1979 Western tour!  See them now on the picture page!

5/26/08 -  Don and Mary Petruncola sent a photo for the Fun Stuff page, and Winston's first concert, the 1977 Christmas performance, is now available on the music page!

5/25/08 -  Everyone say hi to Lisa, Jim and Kelly!  They have joined our people page! Also, the Christmas 1979 concert is now available on the music page!

5/24/08 - The HCC Spring 1980 concert, featuring songs by the Hendricks Chapel Chamber Singers, The Last Resort and the Augumented Four is now up on the music page! This update TRIPLES the amount of music on the site, and you can expect more tomorrow!  

5/23/08 -  We're still getting new people updates.  Melina and Mary have checked in, and we'll have an update from Stefan A. D. Bucek soon.  There are several new guestbook messages, and some new pictures from 1981 and 1982, including a full choir shot at the National Shrine!  ALSO - Mary Near's entry on the people page inspired me to add a version of Toccata by Charles-Marie Widor to the music page!  I also expect to have "new" music up by the end of the holiday weekend, so y'all come back now, hear? 

5/22/08  -  Thanks to everyone for dropping by!  We had more than a hundred unique visitors on Wednesday - Pretty incredible considering I've only tried to reach about 35 people.  There are obviously many anonymous HCC alums lurking out there!  If you haven't done so already, PLEASE drop me an email or leave a guestbook message and let us all know how you're doing!  Thanks!  Today, we have  new people page updates from Sara, Debbie and Donna, along with new items on the Fun Stuff page.  If you have any fun stuff to share, please send it on! 

5/21/08 - As many as a dozen more alums have been found, so several names may soon come off the Missing In Action list.  We have new people page updates for Eric and Frank, and new photos have been added in the 1980 and 1982 sections of the photo gallery. PLUS - Keith Gatling is dropping four concerts in the mail to me, so we will have more music onsite very soon!  Have any requests of your own?  Drop us a line in the guestbook!   

5/20/08 - A page has been added in memory of Steve Williams.  We've received a people page update from Donna, and we're expecting updates shortly from Lisa Reape, Melissa Burnette and Bill Sieling! New guestbook entries as well!  Oh - and if you haven't stumbled onto my blog yet, check today's entry... the punch line comes courtesy of Ms. Diana Moro!  

5/19/08 - We're officially open!   People page updates - Win, Sterling, Don, Mary, Diana, Andrea. New site update page. New Missing persons page!  New guestbook entries, too!  Thanks for the great response so far... I've been pledged concert music that ranges from BEFORE Win to AFTER Win - It'll all come via snail mail, so please be patient!