Most songs are available in both Windows Media (.wma) and .mp3 formats.


Who was leading the Choir before Winston Stephens, Jr.? Keith Gatling (who provided this audio) gives us a rundown:  "The year that I joined (74-75), Craig Otto and Rob Kerner were filling in for Brent Hylton, who had gone to finish his Masters at Eastman for a year. Craig directed and Rob was the organist.  Brent came back in the fall of 75, along with his wife Marilyn, who was also an organist (she was apparently the organist while he was the choir director the first time around). We went to Europe and the Midwest with him. Then he left at the end of the 76-77 school year to take a position at Western Maryland College."

So here you are!  The 1976 HCC Christmas Concert, under the direction of Mr. Brent Hylton!

Glory To God - Pinkham    .wma    .mp3

Lo How A Rose - Praetorius    .wma    .mp3

Lo How A Rose - Distler    .wma    .mp3

O Magnum Mysterium - Gabrielli    .wma    .mp3

Hosanna To The Son Of David - Gibbons    .wma    .mp3

Cantate Domino     .wma    .mp3

Wir Glauben an Einem Gott - Reger    .wma    .mp3

Salvation Is Created - Tschesnokoff    .wma    .mp3

Singet Dem Herrn -  Distler    .wma    .mp3

In The Springtime Of The Year - R. Vaughan Williams     .wma    .mp3

Wassail     .wma    .mp3

Ding Dong Merrily On High - Deale    .wma    .mp3

Benedicamus Domino - Warlock    .wma    .mp3

Coventry Carol - Luboff    .wma    .mp3

E'en So Lord Jesus Quickly Come  - Manz    .wma    .mp3

Sing We Merrily Unto God - Shaw    .wma    .mp3

Silent Night/Joy To The World - traditional    .wma    .mp3


   1977 - Spring

The 1977 Spring Concert was the finale for Brent Hylton as Director of the Hendricks Chapel Choir.  He left Syracuse that spring to take a position with Western Maryland College.  In this, his final concert, he was given a sendoff by Hendricks Chapel Dean John McCombe, which you can hear in the finale of "The Lord Bless You And Keep You".  You might notice some distortion in some of these cuts.  Unfortunately, they were recorded that way on the original tape. 

Alles Was Odem    .wma    .mp3

Salvation Is Created    .wma    .mp3

Cantate Domino    .wma    .mp3

Tu Pauperum Refugium    .wma    .mp3

Gladjens Blomster    .wma    .mp3

Himmelrket Llknas Vid Tio Jungfru    .wma    .mp3

Kung Lillekonvalje    .wma    .mp3

Stamning    .wma    .mp3

Pa Fiallstigen    .wma    .mp3

Lokkeleg    .wma    .mp3

Och Jungfru Hon Gar I Ringen    .wma    .mp3

Fa Una Canzona    .wma    .mp3

Springtime Of The Year    .wma    .mp3

Just As The Tide Was Flowing    .wma    .mp3

My Bonnie Lass She Smelleth   -Intro by Brent Hylton    .wma    .mp3

Men's and Women's Quartets

Old Songs/After Dark    .wma    .mp3

Coney Island Baby    .wma    .mp3

Lida Rose/Will I Ever Tell You    .wma    .mp3

Birth Of The Blues    .wma    .mp3

Ah Woe, Ah Me    .wma    .mp3

Sentimental Journey    .wma    .mp3

Lullabye of Broadway    .wma   .mp3

Hendricks Chapel Choir

Wir Glauben An Einem Gott    .wma    .mp3

Singet Dem Herrn    .wma    .mp3

This Little Light Of Mine    .wma    .mp3 

I Wanna Be Ready    .wma    .mp3

Dixie    .wma    .mp3

Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel    .wma    .mp3

Shout On    .wma    .mp3

Every Time I Hear The Spirit    .wma    .mp3

The Lord Bless You And Keep You  Intro by Chapel Dean John McCombe     .wma    .mp3 

 1977 - Christmas

The 1977 Christmas Concert was Winston's first as the Chapel Choir director.  For those of us who joined a few years later, you will find "Plenty Good Room" to be a familiar treat (Although I don't know why it appeared in a Christmas concert!) You will also note that Win's love of both Ralph Vaughan Williams and John Rutter are evident here! (Audio courtesy Keith Gatling)

Angel To The Shepherds - J. Topff    .wma    .mp3

Gloria (from the Missa Brevis) - Palestrina    .wma    .mp3

Ehre Sei Gott - Liebhold    .wma    .mp3

Glory To God - J. Feldman    .wma    .mp3

Sing Noel - from Four Carols for a Holy Night  - Lekberg   .wma    .mp3

Earth So Lovely - from Four Carols for a Holy Night    .wma    .mp3

These Are The Blossoms -  from Four Carols for a Holy Night    .wma    .mp3

Silent Night - arr. M. Sargent    .wma    .mp3

Alleluya, A New Work Is Come On Hand - P. Wishart    .wma    .mp3

Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day - D. Willcocks    .wma    .mp3

No Sad Thought His Soul Affright - R. Vaughan Williams    .wma    .mp3

Nowell Sing We - R. Dirksen    .wma    .mp3

We Wish You A Merry Christmas - traditional    .wma    .mp3

Quem Pastores Laudavere -  J.Rutter    .wma    .mp3

Lit'l Boy - arr. M. Richardson  (Bud Anzalone, tenor  B. Peterson and M. Zanolli, guitars)   .wma    .mp3

Sister Mary -  arr. M. Richardson  (Shery Stephens, contralto)  .wma    .mp3

Go Tell It On The Mountain - arr. J. Work  (Heidi Mahler, soprano and Bob Peterson, tenor)    .wma    .mp3

The Frozen December - T. Miller  (Heidi Mahler, soprano)    .wma    .mp3

Eia, Sussani -  T.  Miller (Mary Voll, soprano, and Wayne Williams, tenor)    .wma    .mp3

Plenty Good Room    .wma    .mp3

Silent Night/Recessional    .wma    .mp3

1978 - Spring -  *NEW* - Added Sept. 2010! 


The choir tour in March of 1978 included six concerts in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.  A separate concert was also performed at a church in Cortland, before the official spring concert was held April 18th at Hendricks Chapel.                                                                                     

                                                                                   All selections in .mp3 only

Hendricks Chapel Choir

Alleluya, A New Work Is Come On Hand  (From Three Carols) - P. Wishart      .mp3

Agnus Dei (From Missa Brevis - 1570) - G. Palestrina     .mp3

Heilig  - F. Mendelssohn    .mp3

Yea Though I Wander  - G. Schumann    .mp3

Three Hymns from "The Sacred Harp" -   arr.  J. Cram 

         Sweet Rivers   .mp3

         Paradise     .mp3

         The Morning Trumpet     .mp3    

 Hendricks Chapel Chamber Singers

The Hour-Glass -  I. Fine (Based on love poems by Ben Jonson)

         O Know To End As To Begin     .mp3

         Have You Seen The Lily Grow     .mp3

         O Do Not Wanton With Those Eyes     .mp3

         Lament     .mp3

         The Hour-Glass     .mp3

Hendricks Chapel Choir

The Turtle Dove  - arr. Ralph Vaughan Williams     .mp3

Barbara Allen  - arr. David Willcocks     .mp3

I Love My Love - arr. Holst     .mp3

French Choruses from "The Lark"  - Leonard Bernstein

      Spring Song  - .mp3

      Court Song  - .mp3

      Soldier's Song - .mp3

Motet, Op. 29, No. 2  - Johannes Brahms    .mp3

Daniel, Daniel, Servant Of The Lord -  arr. U. Moore    .mp3       

                                                       Bonus Selections! 

Plenty Good Room  - arr. M. Richardson      .mp3

I Know That My Redeemer Lives     .mp3

Sweet Kentucky Babe (Augmented Four)    .mp3  

Rigoletto Quartet  (Augmented Four)     .mp3

Steam Heat (The Last Resort -  B. Seith, M.Voll, L. Finnie, K. Gatling)     .mp3

Sentimental Journey  (The Last Resort)     .mp3

Lullaby of Broadway  (The Last Resort)     .mp3

Ah Woe, Ah Me! (Women's Quartet - T. Kaplan, H. Mahler, H. Briggs, E. Hale)       .mp3


                                       1978 - Christmas


Of The Father's Love Begotten  -  arr. John Erickson    .wma    .mp3

Haec Dies  -  William Byrd   .wma    .mp3

Ach, Herr, Du Schopfer Aller Ding  - Heinrich Schutz   .wma    .mp3

Quem Vidistis Pastores?  -  Richard Dering     .wma    .mp3

Virga Jesse Floruit  - Anton Bruckner    .wma    .mp3

O Come, Emmanuel  - Michael Fink  (Mike Zanolli, guitar)     .wma    .mp3

There Is No Rose  -  John Joubert    .wma    .mp3

A Boy Is Born  - Earl George  (written for the Hendricks Chapel Choir and its conductor, Arthur Poister, in 1967.  The composer was a faculty member of the SU School of Music)    .wma    .mp3

A Spotless Rose  -  Herbert Howells   (Bob Peterson, tenor)    .wma    .mp3

Baby, What You Goin' To Be?  -  Natalie Sleeth  (Douglas Gould, piano)    .wma    .mp3

He Came Here For Me  - Ron Nelson   (Douglas Gould, piano)    .wma    .mp3

Shepherd's Pipe Carol -  John Rutter  (Douglas Gould, piano)    .wma    .mp3

Deck The Halls In 7/8    .wma    .mp3

1979 - Spring

The Hendricks Chapel Choir took a cross country bus trip in the Spring of 1979, with stops in several midwestern and western states, culminating in a concert at Disneyland!  The music heard here is from the Spring concert at Hendricks Chapel.  Many thanks to Stefan A.D. Bucek for providing the audio, and to Donna Schannel for giving me the titles to more than half of these songs! 

Alleluia, Sing A New Song -  Jacobus Gallus    .wma    .mp3

Hear My Prayer, O Lord -  Henry Purcell      .wma   .mp3

Das Ist Ein Kostliches Ding, Op. 52, No. 2 -  Georg Schumann     .wma   .mp3

Ubi Caritas - Durufle    .wma    .mp3

Song Of Praise - Knut Nystedt   .wma    .mp3

O Vos Omnes - Pablo Casals    .wma    .mp3

Sizty-Seventh Psalm -  Charles Ives     .wma     .mp3

Silent Devotion and Response - from "Sacred Service" - Ernest Bloch     .wma    .mp3  

Der Geist Hilft Unsrer Schwachheit Auf, Motet II - J.S. Bach (Steven Williams, organ)    .wma    .mp3  

The Augmented Four

Coney Island Baby    .wma    .mp3

Bye Bye Blues    .wma    .mp3

The Last Resort -  M. Voll, B. Seith, L. Finnie, K. Gatling

In The Mood    .wma    .mp3

Chattanooga Choo Choo    .wma    .mp3

The Hendricks Chapel Choir

Bouree - J.S. Bach  arr. Swingle     .wma   .mp3

In Flanders Fields  solo - Eleanor Madeira    .wma    .mp3

It Was A Lover And A Lass -  Thomas Morley    .wma    .mp3

It Was A Lover And A Lass - John Rutter    .wma    .mp3

Weep O'Willow    (Andrea Birbilis, soprano)   .wma    .mp3

A Little While, A Little Love - from "Cleavings" - Owen Goldsmith    .wma   .mp3

There Is A Balm In Gilead  (Bob Peterson, tenor)     .wma    .mp3

Hold On    (Mary Voll, soprano)   .wma    .mp3

Gershwin Medley    .wma    .mp3

Dry Bones    .wma    .mp3

Plenty Good Room  - arr. M. Richardson    .wma    .mp3

1979 - Christmas  

The 1979 Christmas concert opened with the Hendricks Chapel Bell Choir, and ended with the traditional candle lighting and sing along.  The concert was recorded and later broadcast on WSYR Radio as a special holiday program, with the HCC's own Winston Stephens acting as host!  Stefan A.D. Bucek recorded the broadcast, and I have added Win's comments to the tracks as noted below.  On a personal note, it was my very first concert as a member of HCC. I remember being in awe at the pageantry – at least compared to my high school choir experiences!  Thanks again to Keith Gatling for supplying the concert audio!  

The Hendricks Chapel Bell Choir

Winston Stephens introduces the Concert on WSYR Radio     .wma    .mp3

Prelude For Christmas - Hunter   .wma   .mp3

Processional – Allured   .wma .mp3

The Hendricks Chapel Choir

Methinks I See A Heavenly Host - Billings - with Winston Stephens introduction     .wma    .mp3 

All People Clap Your Hands – Weelkes .wma .mp3

Hosanna To The Son Of David - Gibbons   .wma .mp3

Unto Us A Child Is Born - Franck .wma .mp3

Mary’s Wonder - Seagard .wma .mp3

O Come Emmanuel - Burroughs .wma .mp3

Three Kings – Willan .wma .mp3

Weinachten - Mendelssohn .wma .mp3

The Hendricks Chapel Chamber Singers

Shepherds Rejoice – Morley  - with Winston Stephens introduction    .wma    .mp3  

Benedicamus Domino – Warlock .wma  .mp3

All Hail To The Days – Reed  (Douglas Gould, piano)  .wma   .mp3

Ding Dong Merrily On High – Deale .wma   .mp3

The Hendricks Chapel Choir

(Douglas Gould, piano)

I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day – arr. Wilson - with Winston Stephens introduction   .wma    .mp3 

Adeste Fideles - arr. Luboff .wma  .mp3

Silent Night – arr. Luboff .wma  .mp3

Lo How A Rose E’er Blooming – arr. Zimmerman   .wma .mp3

Jesus Child – Rutter   .wma .mp3

Love Came Down At Christmas  - Rutter.wma .mp3

Noel Of The Bressian Waits -  arr. Davis  .wma .mp3

I Saw Three Ships – arr. Fissinger .wma .mp3

A Lady That Was So Fair And Bright .wma .mp3

The Lord Bless You And Keep You – Lutkin .wma .mp3

Silent Night/Joy To The World – traditional .wma .mp3

WSYR Program Ending    .wma    .mp3

       1980 - Crouse Student Convocation

In March of 1980, the Hendricks Chapel Chamber Singers were asked to perform at Crouse Auditorium.  If I recall correctly, there were at least a couple of people in the ensemble who were being graded for the performance, so we were pretty nervous.  I remember it was a very big deal for the Hendricks Chapel music peons to be performing in the music school! 

Serenade To Music - Ralph Vaughan Williams   (Nanette Cumley, piano)    .wma    .mp3

1980 - Spring 


Ralph Vaughan Williams was the star of the 1980 Spring Concert.  The choir featured the composer's "Gloria in Excelsis", while the Chamber Singers performed his "Serenade To Music", a piece featuring solos for all 16 members, and lyrics from Shakespeare's "The Merchant of Venice".  We are also treated to works by the male quartet and mostly-female quartet!  Many thanks to Keith Gatling for supplying the audio! 

Processional   .wma   .mp3 

Gaudete Omnes - J. P. Sweelinck   .wma   .mp3

Tristis Est Anima Mea - J. Kuhnau   .wma  .mp3    

Gloria in Excelsis (from Mass in G Minor) - R. Vaughan Williams   .wma   .mp3 

Brazilian Psalm  - J. Berger   .wma   .mp3

 Hendricks Chapel Chamber Singers        

For Music - D. Friderici   .wma    .mp3

Serenade To Music - R. Vaughan Williams - Nanette Cumley, piano   .wma   .mp3

The Last Resort - Barb Seith, Mary Voll, Lonnie Finnie and Keith Gatling  

 Snap Crackle Pop   .wma   .mp3

Lullabye of Broadway   .wma   .mp3

Chapel of Love   .wma   .mp3

The Augmented Four

Rigoletto Quartet   .wma   .mp3

Mambo Shevitz   .wma   .mp3

The Hendricks Chapel Choir

Let Thy Holy Presence - P. Tschesnokoff    .wma   .mp3

Nunc Dimittis -  A.T. Gretchaninoff   .wma   .mp3

I Hear A Voice A Prayin' - arr. H. Bright   .wma   .mp3

Ain't Got Time To Die - arr. H. Johnson   .wma   .mp3

Get Happy - arr. H Ades - Nanette Cumley, piano   .wma   .mp3

The Lord Bless You And Keep You - P. Lutkin   .wma   .mp3

Oh Lord, Help Me Cross The River - K. Gatling  (Solo - Keith Gatling)   .wma   .mp3

*NEW* - Ye Are The Salt Of The Earth  - B. Burroughs   .wma   .mp3

*NEW* - A Parting Blessing - J. Williams   .wma    .mp3

  1980 - Poister Memorial Service

A Memorial Service was held in April, 1980 for Arthur Poister, a renowned Organ professor at S.U. , who had also been Hendricks Chapel's Music Director from 1948 to 1965.  The choir performed two pieces during the service.  Nunc Dimittis, which can be found in the Spring, 1980 Concert above, and this piece: 

God Is Living - Johann Sebastian Bach, adap. Wullner    .wma    .mp3

1980 - Christmas

The choir largely was able to take the first half of the 1980 Christmas Concert off, as seven soloists and an orchestra carried the bulk of the load in Charpentier's Midnight Mass for Christmas.  Many thanks to Winston Stephens for sending along the audio!

 Hendricks Handbell Choir

Variations on a French Carol  -  Donald Allured    .wma    .mp3

Fanfare  -  Donald Allured    .wma    .mp3

Hendricks Chapel Choir and Chamber Orchestra

Messe de Minuit pour Noel - based on French Carols -   Marc Antoine Charpentier   .wma    .mp3

Solos -  Andrea Birbilis, Andrea Swartzman, Donna Schannel, Daniel Isaacson, John Mott, Jim Elkington, Jeffrey Slon

Hendricks Chamber Singers

God Rest Ye Merry,  Gentlemen -  arr. Norman Dello Joio    .wma    .mp3

The Holy Infant's Lullaby -  Norman Dello Joio    .wma    .mp3

Silent Night -  arr. Norman Dello Joio    .wma    .mp3

Hark!  The Herald Angels Sing  arr. Norman Dello Joio    .wma    .mp3

Hendricks Chapel Choir

Lo, How a Rose E'er Blooming -  arr. Brooks/Bock    .wma    .mp3

Away In A Manger  - arr. James Fritschel   (solo -  Darren Finnie)   .wma    .mp3

The Little Road to Bethlehem - Michael Head    .wma    .mp3

Noel Sing!  - arr. Gerald Brown  (solo -  John Mott)   .wma    .mp3

Infant Holy, Infant Lowly -  arr. - John Rutter  (solo - Kelly Linton)    .wma    .mp3

Star Carol  -  John Rutter    .wma    .mp3

White Christmas    .wma    .mp3

A Parting Blessing    .wma    .mp3 

Silent Night/Joy To The World (candle lighting ceremony)    .wma    .mp3


                                                             1981 - Spring  


The Hendricks Chapel Choir recorded an album at Washington National Cathedral and the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in May, 1981. Music recorded directly from that album was originally posted here.  However, those album tracks have now been replaced by the original tape recordings, because they are much cleaner than the vinyl tracks.  You can even hear the echo of the vast sanctuaries now!   

Additionally, I do not have a tape from the Spring 1981 Concert at Hendricks Chapel.  However, when the choir toured, Winston recorded the choir's performance at Chatham Hall in Chatham, Virginia, and we have those cuts posted here as well.  The cuts below are posted in the order of the Spring Concert program. 

Musica Dei Donum Optimi - Roland de Lassus   .wma  .mp3

Remember Not, Lord, Our Offences - Henry Purcell  .wma   .mp3

Lift Up Your Heads -  Orlando Gibbons   .wma  .mp3

Rejoice In The Lamb - B. Britten (Solos - Sara Nichols, Lonnie Finnie, John Mott, Jim Elkington; organ - Steven Williams)   .wma  .mp3

Where Is Such A Nation, Op. 109, No. 3 - Johannes Brahms  .wma  .mp3

Vinea Mea Electa from "Motets for the season of Lent" *cleaner cut* - Francis Poulenc  .wma  .mp3

Alleluia - Randall Thompson  .wma  .mp3

Sing Aloud - Kent Newbury  .wma  .mp3

                                             Hendricks Chamber Singers

Lobster Quadrille from "Alice In Wonderland" - Irving Fine    .wma    .mp3

Design For October from "The Choral New Yorker" - Irving Fine  (Jeffrey Slon, baritone)    .wma    .mp3

Hendricks Chapel Choir

In The Still Of The Night - Cole Porter, arr. R. Ringwald  (solos - Mary Near and Andrea Birbilis; flute - Gail Ensworth; clarinet - Allan Hill; piano - Sara Nichols and Steven Williams)     .wma    .mp3

The Jolly Tar and the Milkmaid - George Gershwin (solos - Mary Near and John Mott)    .wma    .mp3

Sing Of Spring - George Gershwin    .wma    .mp3

Motherless Child - arr. L. Williams   (solos - Kelly Linton and Jeffrey Slon)    .wma    .mp3

Sweet Home - arr. W. Whalum  (Andrea Birbilis, soprano)    .wma    .mp3

Joshua Fit The Battle Of Jericho - Arr. Edwin Fissinger (Solos - Lonnie Finnie & Dan Issacson) .wma  .mp3

The Lord Bless You And Keep You - Peter Lutkin  .wma  .mp3

1981 -  Hendricks Chapel Golden Jubilee

*BONUS CUT*  On Palm Sunday of 1981, Hendricks Chapel officially celebrated its 50th Birthday with a special celebration.  The chapel pulled out all the stops, with every chaplain taking part in the service, the Black Celestial Choral Ensemble performed an anthem, and the Hendricks Chapel Choir performed as well, singing Handel's Hallelujah Chorus, along with this piece:   

O Clap Your Hands - Ralph Vaughan Williams (with brass and organ)    .wma    .mp3 

1981 - Christmas

The featured piece in the 1981 Christmas Concert was  "Ceremony of Carols" by Benjamin Britten, the same composer who gave us poor Jeffrey the cat being wreathed around the chapel the previous spring in "Rejoice In The Lamb"!  Thanks to Don Petruncola for the audio!

Ceremony of Carols - B. Britten  (Solos - Kelly Linton, Andrea Birbilis, Sara Nichols, Jim Elkington)  

Ursula Kwasnicka, harp

1. Procession    .wma   .mp3                                        6. This Little Babe    .wma    .mp3

2. Wolcum Yole    .wma   .mp3                                     7. Interlude (harp solo)    .wma    .mp3

3. There Is No Rose    .wma    .mp3                             8. In Freezing Winter Night    .wma    .mp3

4a. That Yonge Child    .wma    .mp3                            9. Spring Carol    .wma    .mp3

4b. Balualow    .wma    .mp3                                       10. Deo Gracias     .wma    .mp3

5.  As Dew In Aprille    .wma    .mp3                           11.  Recession    .wma     .mp3

Hodie Christus Natus Est - J. Sweelinck    .wma    .mp3

Hosanna To The Son Of David  - T. Weelkes    .wma    .mp3

Gloria In Excelsis - G. Gabrieli     .wma    .mp3

Hendricks Women's Ensemble

Mary Was The First  - D. Rambo (Ursula Kwasnicka, harp   Solo-Kelly Linton)   .wma   .mp3 

Ave Maria - G. Holst    .wma    .mp3

Hendricks Chapel Choir

John Senick, piano

A Boy Was Born -  T. Weelkes    .wma    .mp3

Sleep, Holy Infant, Sleep (from La Fiesta de la Posada) -  D. Brubeck    .wma    .mp3

The First Mercy - P. Warlock    .wma    .mp3

So Blest A Sight - arr. A. Parker  (Solo - Sara Nichols)    .wma     .mp3

Good Christian Men, Rejoice - arr. A. Parker    .wma    .mp3

Mary's Lullaby - arr. J. Rutter    .wma    .mp3

The Holly and the Ivy - arr. J. Rutter    .wma    .mp3  

1982 - Spring

The choir enjoyed a week-long tour in New Jersey, Connecticut, Long Island and Washington, DC, where they performed at the National Cathedral and the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception for the second straight year.  The Spring concert at Hendricks Chapel was the final HCC Concert for Winston Stephens, Jr.  Many thanks to Melissa Sieling for hunting down the cassette and providing the audio!   

Glory To God In The Highest - G. Gabrieli  (John Senick, organ)    .wma    .mp3

Out Of The Deep - T. Lupo    .wma    .mp3

O Sing Joyfully - A. Batten    .wma    .mp3

Exultate Deo - Palestrina    .wma    .mp3

Kyrie Eleison - H. Hassler    .wma   .mp3

Hosanna To The Son Of David - T. Weelkes    .wma    .mp3

Cantique de Jean Racine , Op. II - G. Faure    .wma    .mp3

Warum Ist Das Licht Gegeben Dem Muhseligen, Op. 74, No. 1 - J. Brahms    .wma    .mp3

Open Thou Mine Eyes - J. Rutter  (Sara Nichols, soprano)    .wma    .mp3

The Lord Is Righteous In All His Ways - J. Berger    .wma    .mp3

Amazing Grace -  arr. R. Proulx  (Melissa Burnette, flute)    .wma    .mp3

Get You Up - K. Nystedt    .wma    .mp3

Men's Quartet -  Bill Sieling, Scott Jones, Allan Hill, John Matthews

Coney Island Baby    .wma    .mp3

Seems Like Old Times    .wma    .mp3

Daddy Get Your Baby Out Of Jail    .wma    .mp3

Sh-Boom -  arr. K. Gatling    .wma    .mp3

Hendricks Chapel Chamber Singers

Annie Laurie - arr. C. Gates    .wma    .mp3

Songs from "Twelfth Night" -  lyrics, W. Shakespeare, music, K. Neufeld    .wma    .mp3

Hendricks Chapel Choir

Sing To The Lord - arr. A. Parker    .wma    .mp3

His Voice As The Sound  - arr. A. Parker, R. Shaw    .wma    .mp3

Hark I Hear The Harps Eternal - arr. A. Parker (Andrea Birbilis, soprano, Jim Elkington, bass)   .wma   .mp3

John Saw Duh Numbuh -  arr. A. Parker, R. Shaw    .wma    .mp3

May The Good Lord Bless You and Keep You - M. Willson    .wma    .mp3

Plenty Good Room - arr. M. Richardson (intro by Winston Stephens)    .wma    .mp3

The Lord Bless You and Keep You -  P.Lutkin    .wma    .mp3

1983 - Spring

Will Headlee arrived in the Fall of 1982 to take over the Hendricks Chapel Choir, but Will, of course, was far from a newbie at Syracuse, having spent many previous years teaching organ and voice at the Crouse school of music.  Don Petruncola (HCC 1981-1985), who spent one year in the choir under Win Stephens, looks back at Will's arrival at Hendricks Chapel:  

"As I recall, we knew we'd be in for some real changes with the departure of Winston. Will Headlee made his entrance to the Chapel is what would become a very familiar 'How do?' to the HCC members.  Not withstanding the time he directed the bus to leave without us, stranding us in Maycomb, Alabama or someplace in the deep South, Will (sometimes referred to as Will 'Headless' for his good-natured way of misplacing sheet music or some other critical piece of flotsam) quickly garnered our respect and admiration for his talents and gentlemanly, easy-going manner."


So here is the 1983 Spring Concert Tour - actually a "mix tape" of performances from various locales in the midwest, including Glenview, IL, Zionsville, IN and Cincinnati.  (Thanks to Don and Mary Petruncola for the audio!)

I Will Not Leave You Comfortless - W. Byrd    .mp3

O Filii Et Filiae - V. Leisring    .mp3

The Eyes Of All Wait Upon Thee - J. Berger    .mp3

Das Ist Ein Kostliches Ding, Op. 52, No. 2 - G. Schumann    .mp3

Glory To The Trinity, Op. 31 - C. Rachmaninoff     .mp3

Jesu, Meine Freude – Motet No. 3 in E Minor, BWV 227 -  J.S. Bach    .mp3  

 Barbershop Quartet  - B. Sieling, S. Jones, G. Smith, M. Proctor

You Tell Me Your Dream, Chapel of Love, My Buddy, Coney Island Baby, We'll Be Right Back    .mp3 

Hendricks Chapel Choir

Of The Father's Love Begotten - arr. J. Erickson     .mp3

O Bless The Lord, My Soul - arr. D.N. Johnson (Melissa Burnette, flute)      .mp3

Echo Song - O. di Lasso      .mp3

Revecy Venir Du Printans - C. Le Jeune      .mp3

Arise, My Love, My Fair One - G. Near      .mp3

Deep River - arr. Parker/Shaw       .mp3

Sing Alleluia - D. Finnie   Arranged and conducted by Mary Near   Piano - Melina Lillios    .mp3

Hark I Hear The Harps Eternal -  arr. A. Parker     Solos - Andrea Birbilis and Greg Smith   .mp3

Plenty Good Room -  arr. M. Richardson    .mp3

Alma Mater (Special "Leal and Loyal" edition!)     .mp3  

The Lord Bless You And Keep You - P. Lutkin      .mp3


In 1984, the Choir toured the Gulf Coast, including New Orleans, where the World's Fair was being held.  Don Petruncola reports the Hurricanes were brutal in the French Quarter - and I don't think he means the meteorological ones...  Other stops included places like Panama City, Florida and Fairhope, Alabama.  Thanks to Don and Mary for the audio!

Sing Joyfully     .wma    .mp3

Crucifixus - J.S. Bach    Candace Killum, piano     .wma    .mp3

Magdelena -  Brahms    .wma    .mp3

Heilig - Mendelssohn    .wma    .mp3

Prayer To Jesus    .wma    .mp3

Sicut Moses    .wma     .mp3

Quartet - B. Shippee, G. Smith, P. House, M. Proctor

You Tell Me Your Dream, Wait Till The Sun Shines Nellie, When You Wish Upon A Star, Coney Island Baby, We'll Be Right Back    .wma    .mp3 

Hendricks Chapel Chamber Singers

Alles, Mes Premieres    .wma    .mp3

Wondrous Cool    .wma    .mp3

The Turtle Dove - Vaughan Williams   Peter House, solo    .wma    .mp3

Two Hungarian Folk Songs    .wma    .mp3

Hendricks Chapel Choir

Achieved Is -  Melina Lillios, piano    .wma    .mp3

How Firm A Foundation    .wma    .mp3

Drop, Drop Slow Tears    .wma    .mp3

Nunc Dimittis - Gretchaninof    .wma    .mp3

Ain't A That Good News - arr. Dawson    .wma    .mp3

The Lord Bless You And Keep You - J. Rutter   Melina Lillios, piano     .wma    .mp3

There Shall A Star    .wma    .mp3

Plenty Good Room -  arr. Richardson  (with Will Headlee intro)    .wma    .mp3


1985 found the choir touring north through Maine, Nova Scotia and to Montreal.  Amazingly enough, between Will Headlee's excellent narration on the original tape and my lucky knowledge of several songs, I have been able to figure out all but four of the tracks in this concert.  See if you can figure out the final four! (And thanks again to Don and Mary Petruncola for the audio!) 

Musica Dei Donum Optimi -  diLasso    .wma

Track 2     .wma  (it's something by Heinrich Schutz - about the 7 last words of Christ?)

Track 3     .wma   (This is also by Schutz - it's a funeral procession)

Alleluia  -  from the Bach Motet - J.S. Bach    .wma

Men's quartet - G. Smith, E. Evans, P. House, B. Shippee

Wait Til The Sun Shines, Nellie    .wma

Shenandoah     .wma

The Longest Time - B. Joel     .wma

Hendricks Chapel Choir

Fa Una Canzona    .wma

Magdalena -  J. Brahms     .wma

Track 10     .wma   (Well Met, My Own True Love?)

Track 11     .wma  (some doo-bee doobee piece of Bach's by Swingle)

Cantique de Jean Racine - Faure  (Melina Lillios, piano)    .wma

Ubi Caritas - Durufle     .wma

Tantum Ergo - Durufle     .wma

Motherless Child  (Mary Helgans, soprano)     .wma

Hold On! - arr. Simpson     .wma

Nunc Dimittis - Gretchaninof     .wma

Will Headlee introduces the Widor Toccata    .wma

Toccata - Widor  (Will Headlee, Organ)     .wma   (Played in Montreal, May 1985)

Mary Helgans Petruncola has provided me with the Christmas Concerts for 1982 - 1984, and I will be posting them as more information about them surfaces (Does anyone have any programs for them?)  The search is on for more selections from the Hendricks Chapel Choir, and as I receive them, they will be posted here for all HCC alums to enjoy!