Do you have any idea where these people are? 

I've googled til the cows come home, but I can't find these folks who were choir members between Fall, 1979 and Spring, 1982. Sorry - that's my only frame of reference... If you have any clues, or if you want me to add a name to this list, please let me know Red means the lost have been found!

Sarah Adams, Kevin Berdini, Andrew Bernstein ,Gregg Blossom, Barbara Bradley, Debbie Breese, Roland Brocke, Sally Brown, Eric Carlson, Christine Corrigan, Paul Croft, Sheryl Cumley, Rosemary Delia, Phil Davis, Renee Eassa, Jim Elkington, Gail Ensworth, Stephanie Erk, Amy Ertel, Darren Finnie, Lonnie Finnie, Jill Fonger, Christopher Ford, Tina Giangobbe, Linn Granryd, Steve Gregory, Bill Hale, Gerald Hansen, Lyle Hall, Allan Hill, Jennyann Holloman, Kirsten Hottenstein, Carolyn King, Dan Isaacson, Scott Jones, John Kelly, Eric Lindstrom, Julia Ling, Kelly Linton, Marianne Lord, Scott Maifeld, Melanie Maynard, Andy McAllister, Sue Melamerson, Steve Mendes, John Mott, Mary Near, Barb Oliver, Pam Palmer, Abe Paradies, Margaret Parent, Nicholas Pitt, Cindy Pultz, Donna Schannel, Barb Seith, John Senick, Kim Seward, Jamie Sirkin, Jeff Slon, Linda Spicer, Andrea Swartzman, Claudia Torrey, Renee Tourville, Mary Voll, Kathy Wachter, Frank Whalen, Noel Whearty, David White