The 2013 reunion was a huge success - Ready for another go in 2015?

Some 20 Hendricks Chapel Choir alums gathered during Homecoming weekend, 2013 - many visiting campus for the first time in 30 years - to meet and greet and SING both in the Sunday chapel service and on the steps of the Chapel afterwards!  Watch us perform HERE and HERE!  And back by popular demand, we're going to retake the chapel steps again this homecoming weekend -  Sunday, October 25th!  For details, drop an email to John Matthews!

This site was created in May of 2008, as a vehicle to preserve the music performed by the Hendricks Chapel Choir, and it was also as good an excuse as any to get HCC Alumni to reach out and say "hello" after some 30 years apart!  I have heard from dozens of HCC alums, including a few who either preceded or followed my time in the choir.  We have all gone our separate ways, but one common thread exists among virtually everyone I've heard from.  Being in the Hendricks Chapel Choir provided, for many of you as it did for me, the greatest memories of our years at Syracuse.   

Initially, the site was limited to material from 1979 - 1982, the years I was in the choir.  But thanks to the kind contributions of Keith Gatling, Barbara Seith, Donna Schannel, Stefan A.D. Bucek, Bill and Melissa Sieling, Darren Finnie,  Don and Mary (Helgans) Petruncola and Win and Shery Stephens, we now have concert material ranging from 1976 to 1985.  I will be happy to add more material from the Brent Hylton, Win Stephens and Wil Headlee eras if and when it's uncovered!


John Matthews